Help your athlete get faster, 
EVEN IF you don't know where to start, 
AND without investing a ton of time and money!

  • Is your athlete FREQUENTLY FRUSTRATED by not making the play?
  • Is your athlete UNCERTAIN whether they can execute their task in their games? 
  • Does your athlete want to be a SIGNIFICANT CONTRIBUTOR to their team?

Consider the possibility that your athlete can: 

  • Experience GROWTH and CONFIDENCE through getting faster, stronger, and more explosive
  • Position themselves to WIN their games, week in and week out
  • ​Make a minimal time investment of 2 HOURS A WEEK to get there! 
Unlock the SECRETS learned from growing up as the FASTEST athlete AND 15 years of coaching experience at ALL levels over a variety of sports. 

The Athlete Experience At The Forge......

Connor, College Prep Program
Football, Fall 2020

Ready for his first college football season!

Emma, College Prep Program
Track, Spring 2021

Finishing her career ON TOP with The Forge!

Conlin and Sean, College Prep Program
Football/Track, Spring 2021

Feeling faster after 5 weeks!

  • ​Want to grow faster and more explosive with SIMPLE and EASY coaching?
  • ​Want to CONTRIBUTE more to team wins?
  • Want to feel CERTAIN that they can execute, at any time, in a game situation?
  • ​Want to feel they made a SIGNIFICANT IMPACT on team wins? 
  • ​Want to feel a stronger CONNECTION with high performing teammates?
  • ​Want to be equipped to excel when presented with the UNCERTAINTY of their sport? 

Parent & Athlete Testimonials

Coach Wilson took over my in-season and off-season training programs at University of Chicago at the end of my sophomore season and helped transform me into a 2X All-American Punter and Placekicker. His insight on maximizing every individual athlete’s performance is only outshone by his obvious desire to constantly improve his own repertoire - a great coach and even better person!
-Jeff S, University of Chicago Football
Mike worked with my son helping him navigate the college football recruitment process. He also worked on his speed and strength to prepare him for the next level. We wish we met Mike and the Forge sooner in the process. Highly recommend for any athlete looking to transition to the next level.
-Brian S, Remote Client, Fort Collins, CO
Coach Wilson creates a great atmosphere.... has great knowledge and understanding of how athletes should move to keep them “safe and injury free”. My daughter plays travel softball and learned how to become stronger... and gained the understanding of how to “use” her body to succeed. We had a great experience... and highly recommended him to any athlete at any level.
-Tiffany G, Pecatonica, IL
Both of my teenage daughters have been benefiting from Mike’s training. He is able to assess their athletic strengths and weaknesses and provide training moves tailored for their needs. This has helped improve their skills and their confidence.

-Wendy A, Remote Client, Fort Collins, CO

Coach Wilson provided a virtual individual training program for my son's upcoming cross country season. We were impressed by how he took his expertise of running and other skills and individualized it to suit our son's needs. Our son not only became a stronger runner, but also a stronger mental athlete. Coach Wilson was willing to go above and beyond in order to help our son succeed..... We have greatly appreciated all Coach Wilson has done!

-Megan D, Remote Client, Fall River, WI

Coach Mike was very helpful and patient. Even though we weren’t there with him he was always available to answer our questions. His training was great for getting my son ready for football season! Now that he is doing football and we are not currently working with him often checks in to see how my son is doing. He truly cares about his clients. We will be back when football ends!!

-Rhonda G, Remote Client, Fort Collins, CO

My son really likes the speed clinic a lot. He is getting a lot out of it. He just finished his JV football game tonight. He played Defensive End. He had 4 tackles for loss of yards and he several other tackles tonight. He's like a rocket off the line. They can hardly block him, he's too fast! Speed clinic is really bringing out his best. So much improvement in just 3 classes. Thank you so much Coach Wlison, you and the speed clinic have been great for him. 🙂
-Brenda J, Fall River, WI
Coach Wilson creates a great atmosphere in the gym that increases any athletes desire to get better. He is energetic, passionate, and knowledgeable about how athletes should move. I had a great experience working out with him.
-Emma P, UW-Lacrosse Track
I've had Conlin working with Coach Mike for a few months now. As a parent with an exercise science background, I've seen enough to give Coach Mike and The Forge at NoCO my "stamp of approval." Coach Mike has over-delivered based on what we have seen in Conlin's STRENGTH, SPEED, and CONFIDENCE going into the 2020 football season. Coach Mike does great with individual athletes and has an extensive background working with a variety of sports teams.
-Tim W, Holmen, WI
Had the opportunity to work with Coach Wilson at Beloit College. A great guy who really cares about all of his athletes and wants to get the best out of all of them. A guy who really cares about the betterment of his athletes no matter the level or ability.
-Erick M, San Antonio, TX
Coach Mike worked with me during the summer leading up to my senior year of (college) football. He would coach me as part of a group of other athletes, but he always kept our workouts focused on our particular sport. He even took some personal time to work with me on lineman drills afterwards. Coach Mike is extremely knowledgeable when it comes to training and wants to see every athlete he works with succeed.
-Will O, Northwestern College (MN)
Mike worked with my son training him for football! We couldn’t be more pleased with the results! Toby’s strength and speed increased as well as his confidence in his ability! I would recommend him to anyone wanting to see their child improve their athleticism!
-Carrie K, Roscoe, IL

Coach Mike Bio

Coach Mike Wilson is the owner of “The Forge at NoCO.” The concept of “The Forge” came from a story that was told to him about how samurai swords were forged through the process of heating and folding the metal. In the same manner, our main target is a continual physical “heat and fold” our client-athletes, as well as our relationships with them.  
One of the top priorities for Coach Mike is transformational coaching. He believes in building-relationships with players to get top performance from them. His coaching principles include empowering his athletes to perform at their highest levels. Coach believes that players will always “fall to the level of their training,” so his training involves having a fine attention to detail and applying pressure to his experienced athletes. Coach Wilson is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) and a Power Athlete Certified Coach. He is currently studying and applying cutting-edge concepts like the Constraints-Led Approach, while also emphasizing Old World concepts like “repetition without repetition.”  
The Forge specializes in sports performance at the youth, high school, and college level. We also cater to strength training and conditioning adult populations and special groups. The Forge is a great resource to athletes and fitness enthusiasts of all ages and backgrounds. Priorities for sports performance and fitness at The Forge include emphasis’ on movement, mobility, stability, and strength.  
Coach Wilson currently serves clients nationally. He travels with his wife, Jessica, and their four children.   

Coach Mike's Accomplishments

  • 1988- Found his SPEED advantage at 3rd Grade Field Day
  • 1991-1993- Utilized his SPEED to become a 2 Sport Starter (Football/Baseball) for both years at Middle School Level
  • 1993-1997- 4 Sport Athlete (Football/Wrestling/Baseball/Track) at Pinecrest HS (NC) and Holmen HS (WI)
  • ​1997-2001- College Football Player at Valparaiso University (IN)
  • ​2006-2017- College Football Coach at North Central College (IL), Beloit College (WI), and University of Chicago (IL)
  • ​2012-2017- College Strength Coach working with Football, Volleyball, Men's and Women's Soccer, Swimming and Diving, Women's Basketball, and Softball.  
  • ​2017-2018- Director of Sports Performance at Oak Strength (IL) working with multi-sport athletes and adults.  Coordinated service for 175 female volleyball players with VC United (Loves Park, IL).
  • ​2017-2018- HS Football Coach at Rockford Lutheran HS (IL)
  • ​2018- Present- Owner/CEO at The Forge at NoCO (IL/WI/CO).  Worked with multi-sport athletes and teams.  Also worked with active adults, older adults, and special needs clients.  

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